Tasman Peninsula Chronicle No. 20

The Tasman Peninsula Chronicle #19 was published on December 12, 2020.

The development of the Tasman region in the post-convict era has many facets some of which are described in this Chronicle. Our contributors tease out the connection to a special place. They explore the nuance of that relationship and their knowledge of that place. Their stories are varied and fun.

Conservation is not about the real estate of the rich and powerful. History does not belong to those with privilege. This Chronicle demonstrates the diversity of life in our region and documents a shared history. Heritage assessments are made on the basis of aesthetic, research, social and historic significance and the degree of significance is moderated in terms of rarity, representation and authenticity, but for us it is the connection to place that is most important: the threads of our heritage.

Tasman Peninsula Chronicle No. 19

The Tasman Peninsula Chronicle #19 was published on Anzac Day, 2019

Tasman Peninsula Chronicle No. 18

The Tasman Peninsula Chronicle No. 18 was launched on Armistice Day 2016.

Tasman Peninsula Chronicle No. 17

The Tasman Peninsula Chronicle No. 17 was launched on ANZAC Day, 2015.

Tasman Peninsula Chronicle No 17
26239 Gunner Vernon Batchelor 25 Howitzer & 4 Field Artillery Brigades, 1915.

Chronicle 17 is dedicated to TPHS founder members Peter and Alison Shoobridge, who were given Life Membership Certificates at a TPHS function in December 2014, only to lose them and everything else, on New Year’s Day 2015, when their beloved Lottah burnt to the ground. Alison wrote about her feelings for Lottah for Chronicle 17. On March 5th, Peter Shoobridge passed away. Chronicle 17 begins with the eulogy written by the Shoobridge family and delivered at the funeral by Peter’s old friend Arnold McShane.

In addition to articles on WWI soldiers associated with the Peninsula, Chronicle 17 contains several articles, contributed by family members, on Peninsula characters and Peninsula families. We have tried to balance the sadness generated by articles about the dead, with a lighthearted look at “The Tadpole”, and, for the first time, we have included two articles about the Peninsula’s natural history.

From time to time, extra articles, references and information may appear on these pages.

Click Here to view an interactive map referenced in this edition on p. 40 ‘Revisiting Oakwood’.